Cell phone signal boosters- Latest mobile phone technology

The cell phone signal boosters are also called as cell repeaters. These signal boosters have become growing popular in the past few years, because of its exploding demands as well as high use of cellular phones. Also, the decreasing price of mobile phone has made it possible for everyone to buy a cell phone. Unfortunately, one of the main limitations of cell phones is lacking of coverage area, which could be also referred to as dead signal zones. With such dead zones, there is a need of improving quality of signals and eliminate such dead zones more efficiently. In order to tackle this major problem, many companies started manufacturing the devices called modern day indicator boosters of cell.
The cell phone signal boosters are electronic devices that receives signal from cell and retransmit it for making stronger to reach the destination. In several cases, this mobile phone signal booster is very effective for internal areas, especially where the signals are blocked. It also works well in vehicles too. In addition to, there are plenty of benefits available in such boosters and one of them is improving the quality of signals and ensures the quality of sound without any interrupts. By using this booster, you will better signal strength and allows you to get rid of dropped calls.
The specialty of signal booster device is very small and fitting right in your palms. Many locations have weaker signals and you feel difficult to get calls at such locations. In those areas, the cell phone signal booster can helps you to have a strong signal. It is a portable booster that works in a similar way to the in-home devices and specifically designed to the amount of roof of the vehicle. These devices are completely wireless equipment that gives more flexibility in use as well as increase the signal of your car while moving.
Are signal boosters a perfect accessory for your phone?
When it comes to concerning a signal booster, it is the perfect cell phone accessory or fancy equipment to boost up the strength of your signal. It can truly prove to be very best component that comes with so many advantages. It has an ability to amplify signals and coming in various forms of carriers. This device is not only used for strengthening the signal, but also boost up a GSM, 3G and Wi-Fi connection with ease. Now, you can find different kinds of boosters available in the market to choose from. It is highly standardized and enough for the users to subscribe the networks without any interruption.
Get a latest cell phone signal booster
At present, the high performance mobile phone signal booster is readily available that gives a great boost to the signal on different devices. This great accessory can helps to save your phone’s battery life and also preserve the battery life for a long time. The installation of this device is helping you to install the cell signal booster as well. However, this booster can be specially made to help the cell user’s reception range and also reduce the dropped calls as well.

5 Best Mobile Phone Signal Booster Brands

There are plenty of mobile phone signal boosters in the market and all of them have different brands.

What makes a Mobile Phone Booster manufacturer popular? Well, first of all, their product has to deliver. Second, the price should also be considerable. Third, they have to have great warranties in order to give confidence to the consumers.

If you want to solve your low mobile phone signal reception woes, the best thing you can do is get a mobile phone signal booster.

But as with all other things in the market, it usually comes with a brand and it might be daunting for some first-time buyers.

So in this article, I will talk about the 5 best mobile phone signal booster brands and why you should consider buying from them.

  1. weBoost. weBoost is one of the most popular mobile phone signal booster brands today. They’ve been around the business for years and they already know how to boost mobile phone signals effectively. Also, weBoost is the first company to ever produce a mobile phone signal booster that can support the new 4G LTE standard. They also have a wide array of mobile phone signal booster types that can be installed in homes, vehicles, and commercial buildings.
  2. SureCall. SureCall is another prominent brand in the mobile phone signal booster niche. The thing about SureCall is that they are one of the first mobile phone signal booster companies that incorporated a self-adjusting module in their signal boosters. This is great because people with no technical knowledge about signal boosters can just install them and not have to worry about adjusting the settings manually.
  3. Wilson Electronics. Before weBoost came to be, there was Wilson Electronics. The company shifted and created a new name (weBoost) but the Wilson Electronics product line is still active. One of their division heads created a new lineup of mobile phone signal boosters and they called it the “Wilson Pro Amplifiers”. This company is one of the pioneers of mobile phone signal boosters and the new Wilson Pro Amplifiers are signal boosters that are dedicated for commercial use.
  4. zBoost. zBoost is a great brand because they offer mobile phone signal boosters that are not only effective but it also costs much less than its other competitors in the market. Although they only have two mobile phone signal boosters that can support the new 4G LTE standard, their 3G mobile phone signal boosters are still in production and their prices have been marked down as well. If you want an affordable mobile phone signal booster, zBoost is one of the best out there.
  5. SureCall. Last but definitely not the least is SureCall. SureCall mobile phone signal boosters are reliable and the company offers a minimum of 2-years warranty. Furthermore, their mobile phone signal boosters are made of high-quality materials and they are very durable as well. Customer support has been one of their best assets as they offer a 24-hour customer support service should you need their assistance at any time.

If you are on the market because you want to buy a mobile phone signal booster, then look into these brands first.

I’ve put them on the list because they are the best mobile phone signal booster brands on the market.

ee Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Since home mobile phone signal boosters were popular, signal booster manufacturers aim to bring their signal boosters to work in vehicles as well.

The first generation of car mobile phone signal boosters come in the form of cradle-type boosters. Even though they do the job of amplifying weak signals in the area, you will have to put your mobile phone inside a cradle to be able to enjoy boosted signals.

This can be problematic because for one, only one mobile phone can be boosted at a time, and two, you have to put the phone in the cradle for it to get amplified signals and you will not have the freedom to move the phone out of it.

Since then, mobile phone signal booster manufacturers have created signal boosters that can broadcast the signal so that you do not have to put your phone in a cradle.

Today, we are going to talk about the ee mobile phone signal booster. This is one of their newest signal boosters and it can boost 4G LTE as well as previous generation signal technologies as well.

The thing that I love about the ee mobile phone signal booster is that it can support up to 5 concurrent users and you do not have to put your mobile phone in a cradle.

You pretty much have the liberty to use your mobile phone the way it should be used; in your hands.

The ee mobile phone signal booster also supports all of the major carriers so no matter which service provider you’re currently subscribed to; you are assured that the ee mobile phone signal booster will work.

When you buy the ee mobile phone signal booster you will receive the actual signal amplifier unit, a DC power adapter, an external antenna with an included magnetic mount, and a low-profile internal antenna.

Here are the installation instructions:

  1. Mount the external antenna on the roof of your car. The ee mobile phone signal booster works best when you mount the external antenna in the middle portion of the roof for better signal coverage.
  2. Route the external antenna on the door of your car to make it neat.
  3. Place the signal amplifier somewhere convenient, preferably under the car seat.
  4. Place the low-profile antenna on the dashboard.
  5. Power on the signal booster by plugging the included DC power adapter into your car’s cigarette port.
  6. Plug the external antenna in its respective port in the signal amplifier unit.
  7. Wait for a couple of minutes and you should be good to go!

The ee mobile phone signal booster’s ease of installation and its features is what makes it the current bestseller for 4G mobile phone signal boosters.

If you have the knack of going on long road trips, it is highly advisable that you get a mobile phone signal booster.

The ee mobile phone signal booster only costs $380 and I highly recommend it for anyone who owns a car.

EE Mobile Phone Signal Booster

If you’re still using a mobile phone that only has a 3G capability, you may need a mobile phone signal booster to enjoy uninterrupted data streaming.

The EE Mobile Phone Signal Booster is a signal booster from a reputable company that aims to enhance 3G as well as 2G frequencies.

To know more about the EE Mobile Phone Signal Booster, here are its product features:

  • Boosts Signal – Reduce dropped calls, have clearer calls, and enjoy better signal for up to 1,200 square feet
  • Wide Compatibility – Works with all devices including phones, tablets, and notebook computers. Boosts signal for all major U.S and Canada service providers
  • Room Coverage – Enjoy boosted signal for your devices in 1-2 rooms. Support is available to help you get the most coverage out of your weBoost
  • Easy Setup – Boost your cell phone signal fast with just a few simple steps. Instructions and reliable support are available to ensure that you get the best experience possible
  • Includes the 3G signal booster, outside panel antenna and cable, inside antenna and cable, and power supply. Everything you need to set up your signal booster and start using it immediately

The EE Mobile Phone Signal Booster makes use of a panel antenna. A panel antenna, otherwise known as a yagi-directional antenna, is an antenna that can grasp signals from one direction.

Although the distance the panel antenna can grasp signals is greater than that of the omnidirectional ones, it can only be pointed at one direction (to the direction of the cell tower).

This mobile phone signal booster comes with a 60dB amplifier. It is pretty okay and it should boost mobile phone signals in a small home. This amplifier only has a 1,200 feet coverage area and may not be suitable for offices larger than the aforementioned area.

Everything you need to set up the EE Mobile Phone Signal Booster is included in the kit. The kit includes the base signal amplifier unit, the Outside panel antenna and the necessary mounting hardware, an Internal omnidirectional antenna, coaxial cables, power adapter, and an instruction manual.

Unlike other 3G mobile phone signal boosters, the EE doesn’t necessarily require you to go to the roof of your house to mount the external antenna.

There are actually 3 ways you can install the external antenna:

  1. Mounting the external antenna on the inside of your window (lowest signal reception)
  2. Mounting the external antenna on the outside of your window (pretty okay signal reception)
  3. And, mounting the external antenna through a pole on the rooftop (highest signal reception)

Most people who’ve tried the EE had most success by just mounting the external antenna on the outside window.

If you’re going to need a signal booster that can amplify 4G signals, you may want to look at the weBoost Home 4G instead.

The EE Mobile Phone Signal Booster is a good signal booster and it only costs $238.

Reduce your work burden with ee signal boosters

The issue with the cell phone network has become quite common scenario now-a-days. In this fast forward era, rarely one gets time to sit and wait for the downloading required data. Every one wants instant results without any hindrance and that’s the reason why people prefer 3G mobile phone technology to simplify the downloading process. Moreover of all these, 3G connection need to have a good network, if there is no proper network, even 3G or 4G connection won’t help. Most people port their number from one network to another network to get good and smooth network, but this is not always helpful.

People working in remote areas or in any underground places usually face with the network related problem. To avoid the problem of signal network, one can opt for ee signal boosters within your area. mobile-phone-booster EE mobile phone signal booster is a wireless device; you can plug it anywhere where there is a network issue. Uses of this device will faster the internet speed as well as incoming and outgoing call transmission.

You can choose cell phone booster device based on the network connection that you have. If you are using a 2G connection, then make use of 2G signal boosters and similarly 3G signal boosters. You can also make use of both the connection, i.e. 2G as well as 3G ee signal boosters. Anyone with minimum knowledge regarding how to handle and install electronic gadgets can install it.

Benefits of installing ee signal boosters

Another important benefit of using ee signal boosters is, you can make use of the irrespective of time, place and even while traveling also. Even while traveling in metro, people often face with the issue network related issues. So, in order to avoid such issues signal boosters can be used within metro as well.

This device is available in handy for the people, working at construction places and for the people at rural areas where there is limited network access or no network access. This device is apt for office and remote places. Moreover of all those, the device get automatically get connected to the best coverage.

There are plenty of online stores from where you can buy these boosters at affordable cost. Prior to purchasing, ensure to purchase from a reputable buyer so that you will not end up with any issues at the later stages. You can also purchase it from your nearest mobile outlets.

All you should know about ee signal booster’s kit

Cell phones are no longer a luxury item. In fact, it’s a very necessity item for every human being. For most the people, their work becomes quite impossible without using cell phones, particularly for the business people. When your cell phone signal becomes weak and completely goes off, then you tend to realize the importance of ee cell phone signal booster.

It is a device which works by capturing the weak cell phone signals of your place, amplify it and redistribute it. The most common components used in ee signal boosters are – An amplifier, the outside antenna, an inside antenna and also a cable which is used to connect everything. This product is quite ideal for the places which suffer from poor reception and weak signal strength.

Affordable options

In the work place, you can find employees going outside the working premises as network are not available within the premises and they roam outside in search of a signal. So, in order avoid these issues you can make use of ee signal boosters which is considered as a realistic option and also a cost effective option. The ee cell phone signal booster is quite easy to install and it can be installed wherever required without disturbing the course of business. The change in the 3G connection between outdoor and indoor can’t be noticed easily.

Types of cell phone boosters available

Mainly, there are three different types of cell phone boosters available. They are-

  • Single mode

  • Dual mode

  • Tri mode

Almost all the mobile booster kits comprise of dual mode as well as tri mode kits. Single mode kits are not so good to make use of and the cost is also same as that of tri-mode and dual mode booster’s kit. So, obviously consumers will opt for dual mode and tri mode kits.

boosting-signalIf you are tired of losing or dropping important calls, it’s better to opt for ee signal booster for your home, workplace or inside your car. You can purchase these either from online or offline stores. Make sure to purchase the best one which suitable for your requirement.

EE mobile signal booster is one of the easiest solutions. Ensure that all your employees have access to 3G connection at indoors with easy installation of ee signal boosters. Thus, save your precious time and frustration with the aid of ee cell phone signal boosters.

Significant uses of the ee signal boosters

With the development of the technology, there is considerable advancement in the field of mobile communication. With the utilization of cellular phones human life has become simple and easier, since it enables the individuals to stay connected with their dear ones all over the globe any time. This amazing technology practically decreases the distance between the individuals.

Main functionalities of signal boosters

Moreover, there are plenty of places where experiencing the lower and weak signals or even no signals on the phones. The mobile signal tends to become weak in country borders, closed rooms and so forth. In order to solve these types of signal issues one of the most effective devices signals booster is used by several people. In general it is a small device, significantly increases the signals strength which are received and sent by the phones. You can get these types signal booster in various configurations; it will vary according your mobile models. Basically these types of signal boosting devices are come small size that are exactly fit under the cell phone batteries.

The primary function of the signal booster is to offer the better signals over the large areas. With the use of these types of signal amplifiers, it is very easy to enhance the quality of the signal. mobile-boosterOne of the biggest advantages of using these devices are it facilitates a better communication. The ee signal boosters are very much beneficial for the business sectors to improve the reliability of the communication.

With the development of the technology the EE network you are enabling to have the 4G calling. However, you may experience call drops or poor signals in your workplaces due to the infrastructure of the building. In such conditions the ee network signal boosters are come in handy to enhance the signal quality.

This is the cost effective option to get the best quality ee signal boosters to improve the signals. This signal booster is the wonderful elements for your day to day life as it can provides the likely to improve boost alerts from your mobiles, so you can efficiently acquire the services even in the poorest signal areas on the world.

These types of devices are comprises of models that are quite thin in design. So these are easily fitted with your gadgets. The signal boosters are easy to install, so it can be changed whenever necessary. There are certain things that you need to consider before buying these types of devices including features, quality and also the cost.

SureCall EZ 4G Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Are you suffering from poor signal reception, especially in certain parts of your home and office? If so, you need to have a very good mobile phone signal booster.

Today, we’re going to talk about the Surecall EZ 4G Mobile Phone Signal booster. This signal booster has a few key differences from other Home or office signal boosters. First, the external antenna can be attached on a windows sill. This means that you do not need to go to the roof of your home or office just to put the external antenna in place.

Second, the boosted signals will not interfere with both the internal and external antennas. Other mobile phone signal boosters out there have this thing called “noise interference” where signals get mixed up, making the line “noisy”. That is nonexistent in the SureCall EZ 4G.

To know more about this product, here is the official product description:

The SureCall EZ 4G Signal Booster kit is especially designed to boost cellular signals inside a condo, apartment, dorm, or anywhere else where you’re not able to mount an antenna outside of the building. The unit features a combination amplifier and “external” antenna that is designed to sit inside on a window sill where you get at least some existing signal. From the window unit, there is a cable that runs to either a desktop or panel antenna, which broadcasts the boosted signal to the inside of the building. The SureCall EZ 4G’s unique side shielding prevents oscillation (feedback) between the antennas by keeping the boosted signal from reaching the external antenna facing the window. The SureCall EZ 4G will boost the voice, 3G and 4G LTE frequencies, giving you greatly improved voice calls and high speed data.

As I’ve mentioned time and again, most of the mobile phone signal boosters now can amplify even 4G and LTE. It is a good thing that SureCall amplifies these signals, because if not, they will surely be behind in the competition.

The SureCall EZ 4G Mobile phone signal booster is a signal booster kit which includes:

  • EZ 4G cellular amplifier with built-in outside antenna
  • Indoor Desktop or Panel Antenna
  • 50ft of 240 type cable with N-Male Connectors
  • AC power adapter
  • Instruction manual with Installation directions

The Installation of this product is very easy. In fact, people with no mounting skills can do this! Anyway, to install the SureCall EZ 4G, get your cellphone, and get the best location in your home or office where you can get good signals.

Next, attach the external antenna on the window sill of your home or office. After that, attach the internal antenna on the amplifier, and make sure to situate the amplifier a little bit farther than the external antenna (at least 15ft would suffice). After which, you will then plug the power supply on the amplifier, wait 3-5 minutes for it to initialize, and you’re all set!

SureCall is a trusted mobile phone signal booster manufacturer, so you are assured of quality signal boosters each and every time. The SureCall EZ 4G Mobile Phone signal booster costs $750.

Benefits of installing EE signal boosters at your house or office

Have been missing out on those important business and personal calls because of weak signal reception inside the office building or your house? Do you see more and more of your team members or employees missing from their desk to take or make a call outside the building? Then it is time to get EE signal boosters and change that one bar or no signal notification to full signal reception. No more walking in the office corridors or peeping out of a window.

Who can use it?

signal-boosterThis booster comes in the form of signal box. It is very much suitable for small offices or home workers and offers a brilliant 3G or 4G signal support in every corner of the building. When the signal box will be delivered to you, a guide book will be provided with specific instructions as to how one can set up and activate the EE signal boosters. So, anyone with the minimum knowledge of how to handle electronic gadgets can do it.

One needs to plug the signal box into the power supply. Then, connect to a spare port in the router. To activate the services, call the service center after setting up the device. Provide the IMEI number printed on the signal box (the same is also printed on the packaging) and the postcode of the locality. You will see a green light quickly flash during the activation process and will turn solid green, once the process is completed.

How to use it?

This is simple. You don’t have to do anything after activation. Your phone will be automatically connected to the signal box when you make or receive a call. When other subscribers who have enabled the EE signal boosters come in the range of your device, they can use it too. The box covers a 15 meter range around it. A maximum a four people can use the service at any given time.

The older handsets with 2G service cannot use this service. It is developed for the 3G and onwards handsets. You need to remember not to rely upon signal box for emergency service calls. Also, if the broadband stops working or if there is a power cut, the signal box will not work.

One of the attractive features of the signal box is Wi-Fi calling. Even when there is no signal, if you have EE service, you can make calls and use phone normally by connecting to the Wi-Fi. This does not even require an app.

What makes EE signal boosters different and better?

In this modern era of digital devices, there is a great need for signal boosters. People from everywhere use mobile phones. But the signal tends to be weak due to many reasons. Sometimes it happens after using your 3g or 4g phones for a long time. And other times it is because the signal is weak in the region where you live. This is the reason why, people are in need of an EE signal boosters for mobile phones. This will help you not to miss out on those important business or personal phones.

What is it and how does it work?

This is a new technology with a breakthrough in the industry. And it is very much different than the regular signal booster that you may or may not have used until now. This is a mobile service which enhances the speed of your cell phone (3G or 4G) with 4G service. These boosters come in the form of a box. It can be efficiently used by anyone in the house or office where the EE box is located. Basements, certain glass types, thick walls will no longer block the signal reception from inside the building.

The EE signal boosters have to be plugged into the broadband router. By doing this, a link is created with the EE network to offer indoor coverage. Once it is set up and installed, your cell phone will connect automatically to the network and makes sure that you can receive and make calls under any circumstances. You will not be charged extra to make calls and texts. The charges will be applied as per the normal plan rate you would have opted.

The range of the EE box coverage is fifteen meters around the box. It is better to use the Wifi service at home for data usage. To better the performance of the EE signal boosters, they have to be placed at a minimum distance of 60 centimeters from the router. Keep at a table height. Don’t place it on the floor or wall mounts it.

To setup and install it you will require a few things, a router with a spare Ethernet port, a power supply near that router and a mobile phone compatible with 3G on EE. The service provider will include a guide book with the device when it is delivered, so that you can learn to activate the signal box all by yourself.